The latest update for LINE (version 7.15.0) is out now!

We've added the ability to pin your important messages, as well as additional camera filters to help you take even cuter photos!
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Add pins to important messages!

You can now pin specific messages to ensure they remain at the top of your chats.
This new feature allows you to select up to five messages to be displayed at the top of each chat, ensuring that they can be easily seen by the other chat members.

Other updates

- Use new mosaic effects on the photo editing screen (iPhone only).

- Added 19 new custom camera filters.

- Videos can now play automatically in chats (iPhone only).
The auto-play settings can be set to play on Mobile & Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi only, or switched off.
You can enable or disable "Auto-play videos" in LINE by going to More > Settings > Photos & videos.

- Added a customized camera to Timeline.

You can now take photos and quickly post them to Timeline. 

- Added the ability to create slideshows from the photo selection screen within chats.

This feature was previously released on iPhone and is now also available on Android.
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We'll keep doing everything we can to provide you with the most convenient and secure LINE experience possible. We especially love hearing suggestions from you!

The latest update for LINE (version 7.14.0) is out now!
You can open your camera straight from a chat and send photos in a snap with LINE's latest update.

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Starting in iOS, launch your camera and send pictures straight from chats

Perfect for... 
• Sending a snap of your location when meeting up with a friend.
• Sending instant updates on party preparations with your group chat.

New camera and photo selection buttons have been added next to the text input field at the bottom of the chat screen. Use them to open up your camera or send pics without having to press the "+" button.

The voice button turns into a send button as soon as you start typing in the field.

Hold the voice button to record your voice and let go of it to send. While recording, swipe your finger left without letting go to cancel.

Other updates

Starting on iOS, create slideshows in a flash! 
Select three or more photos from a chat's photo selection screen to easily create a slideshow.
Turn your travel memories into a slideshow for easy sharing with friends.

The slideshow creation button becomes active once three or more photos are selected.
Choose from 10 music and filter themes and your slideshow is complete!

Drag and drop to easily reorganize, add, or delete photos.

We'll keep doing everything we can to provide you with the most convenient and secure LINE experience possible. We especially love hearing suggestions from you!

The latest update for LINE (version 7.10.0) is out now.
This time we're adding a lot more fun to your chat experience. Search for YouTube videos in LINE and share them with friends right in chats, comment on LINE LIVE broadcasts, and much more!

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Watch and share YouTube videos in your chats

We've added a new YouTube chat app to the "+" menu so you can search for videos and share them in your chats.

1. Open the "+" menu and tap the YouTube icon to start up the YouTube chat app.

2. Tap the "Send to chat" button to easily share what you're watching in the chat.

Other updates

1. Comment on LINE LIVE broadcasts in your chats

You can now make comments and send hearts for LINE LIVE broadcasts you watch inside your chats. There are more new features to enjoy while you watch broadcasts, such as sharing broadcasts with friends and exchanging messages with fellow viewers.

2. New brush type for photo editing pen tool

There's a new brush in town now—use it to add a cool neon accent to your photos before you send them out.

3. Improved YouTube video link in chats (Android) 

This feature was previously released on iPhone and is now also available on Android. When a YouTube URL is sent in chats, a special YouTube preview will be shown. Tap the preview to start watching the YouTube video right away.

We'll keep doing everything we can to provide you with the most convenient and secure LINE experience possible. We especially love hearing suggestions from you!

Don't miss a second of that hot new video! Now you can chat, check out Timeline, and more while watching videos in LINE. 

With LINE's compact video mode, you can put any in-chat or YouTube video into a handy video window. 

Compact video mode is perfect for... 
• Watching videos together with friends in your chats
• Replying to a friend when you're in a video call 
• Changing your settings while watching a LINE help video

How to use compact video mode

Using compact video mode is simple! 

First, open up a video in your chat as usual. Then tap on the icon in the top-right corner. 

Your video will then be shown in compact video mode just like this.

Moving the video window

You can move the video window around your screen just by dragging it with your finger.

Changing the video window size

You can also customize the size of the video window to your liking. Just pinch and zoom in or out on the window to adjust its size. 

Compact video mode isn't just limited to chat rooms either. You can also watch videos while on Timeline or catching up on news.

Chat and video call at the same time

Compact video mode can also be used for video calls and Chat Live videos. 


Now you can easily share information, pictures, links, and much more with friends while in a call.

Stay tuned for more useful ways to use LINE.
It's not just for chats and calls. Find your own way to make LINE a handy part of your life!

Gathering all your friends for a fun get-together is now simpler than ever with LINE.

We're proud to announce the addition of LINE's new feature, Events, to your chats. You can now create a calendar in each of your chats to share events with friends. 

Now all your upcoming fun times with friends can be seen and managed in one convenient location!

The Events feature is simple to use. 

To start, just tap on Events in your chat's "V" menu.

You can then go ahead and make your own event—set the start and end times, keep track of attendees with a RSVP request, and add reminders to let people know when that special event is about to begin. 

You can select from reminders starting one hour all the way to one week before the event begins. 

Once you've made your event, it will be posted into the chat. 

Each event has its own page where you can check attendees and the event's time. It can also be easily synchronized with your device's calendar! 

Events don't just have to be for playtime either. Use them to keep track of group members' birthdays or your anniversary with that special someone.

Start scheduling your own events with friends and family today!

We're excited to introduce two new helpful features in the latest version of LINE: Ladder Shuffle and Relay. 

In the past we've added features like LINE Schedule and group video calls to help you close the distance when talking with friends and family. Now with ladder shuffles and relay posts, it's even easier to sync up with those important to you! 

Read on to find out what ladder shuffles and relay posts are all about. 

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