The Sticker Shop in the latest version of LINE (4.4.0) packs a new punch – animated stickers! These hilarious and cute animations are certain to be popping up in LINE chats everywhere.


1.Purchasing Animated Stickers
Animated stickers can be purchased from the Sticker Shop inside the LINE app in versions 4.4.0 and later for JPY 200 per set of 24 stickers. Just look for the play button on the sample image to find them!
Open up the preview screen and tap a sticker to get a sneak peak of the animated action. If you find a set of stickers you like, simply purchase and download them like you would any other stickers.

2.Using Animated Stickers in Chats and on the Timeline
After purchasing animated sticker sets, you can use them just like any other stickers in chats and on the Timeline. Stickers you send will play automatically. If the friend you sent the sticker to wants to see the animation one more time, they can tap the sticker to watch it play all over again.

To get the party started, we released a brand new animated sticker set featuring the LINE Characters called “LINE Characters: All the Love”

There are plenty more animated stickers starring popular characters in the works, so stay tuned!

Please note that users must have LINE version 4.4.0 or higher installed in order to receive, view, or purchase animated stickers. When users with LINE versions lower than 4.4.0 receive animated stickers, they will be displayed as traditional, non-moving stickers.

Update to the latest version of LINE and check out the new animated stickers today!