We’d like to say thank you to everyone who participated in the 247 Free Airline Tickets!: LINE’s Free Calls Bring You MUCH Closer to Your Loved One’s Abroad event we held over the Christmas and New Year’s season.

247 winners were selected from the over 500,000 messages we received from all over the world, and these winners were awarded with a free airline ticket to visit that special someone they normally keep in touch with using LINE.

We received a wide range of unique and touching stories from people who have left the comfort to home to study abroad, people who are in long distance relationships, people who have left their hometowns after getting married, and more. Our 247 winners, each with their own unique backgrounds, experienced their own special reunions throughout the globe. Take a look at a video we’ve made about these special reunions below:

also received some great photos, so take a look at a few:

Below are a few examples of the stories from our winners, each with their own unique backgrounds.
United States → Canada
My girlfriend works in Canada, but I’m still in school so it’s hard for me to find the money to visit her. Long distance relationships can be difficult, but we’re overcoming the challenges thanks to LINE’s free talk and video calls.

Japan → Indonesia
I’m currently taking time off of college to volunteer in a small Indonesian village. When I felt alone, the Indonesian friends I made came to my rescue. Even though we’re in different countries now, they are still some of my closest friends.

Japan → Brazil
My boyfriend’s job relocated him to São Paulo and so we began a long distance relationship right after we started dating. I was a little upset that we couldn’t meet in person for our first Christmas together, but at least I could pick out my present (shoes) with him through a LINE video call. I had fun talking with him about what color I wanted, what size fits me, and more.

Malaysia → China
Both of my parents live in China, while my twin sister lives in England. I made a LINE group just for my family to keep in touch with everyone. It’s been great to show everyone photos of my son’s growth. Although now they tend to get edgy after just one day when I forget to send a photo... I’m thankful for LINE because it lets me feel close to my family even when I’m far away. 

Australia → Indonesia
My fiancé proposed to me two months ago on LINE. Now we’re using LINE’s free talk and video calls to plan the wedding ceremony we hope to have this summer. Financially speaking we can’t meet each other in person very often, but I hope to see my fiancé at least once before the wedding.
LINE will continue to support the special bonds between people.