LINE Toss, the image and video manager app, has been released. The app lets you view the photos and videos you have saved in your smartphone by chronological order or location information, and lets you easily share all these photos and videos with LINE friends too.
The app is currently only available on Android devices, but an iOS version for iPhone users is planned for release in the future.

LINE Toss:

We recommend the app for the following cases:
-For when you want to easily share all the many photos you took when traveling with friends.
-When you want to make an album of photo memories from a family outing.
-When you want to share photos of your favorite restaurants and the food served all at once.
-When you want to find a specific photo out of a huge archive.

Intuitively search photos with the Timeline and Area views, and share them with friends.

Scroll through the Timeline View, which arranged photos in chronological order, to quickly find photos taken on the date you are looking for.

The other viewing option, the Area View, lets you see where a photo was taken instantly. Use your finger to move and zoom in and out of photos anywhere in the world, as well as tap on the photo to display a list of other photos taken in the same location.

You can view photos one at a time or tap and select a bunch by day or location and then share them by sending them as messages to your chosen LINE friends. There is no limit to the number of photos or length of videos you can share, but you can't send files larger than 500MB.

Share photos and videos with friends easily through photo information sharing, a forwarding feature, and more!

The app lets you share information on when and where photos were taken directly with friends, which is great for when you want to share travel photos with buddies, exchange recipes, make albums of family outing photos, and more! You can also switch location information sharing ON and OFF.

Shared photos can be viewed in the Toss app, and then downloaded or forwarded to other LINE friends. Friends that don't use Toss can also view shared photos using their web browser.

We hope you use LINE Toss, the super convenient app for managing and sharing large volumes of photos, at your next event!

LINE Toss (Free download)
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