The latest version of LINE, 4.8.0, has been released today. In this update, we answered the calls of many users to include a “Typing” status display so they can see when their friends are typing. In addition, LINE’s new payment service, LINE Pay, goes live with this release, and new features such as error messages when the device is low on storage further also add to the convenience of the LINE service.

See when Your Friends are Typing
Don’t you wish you could see when your friend is typing so you know whether to wait or send another message? This new update solves that problem for good! 

This feature is simple to use. If your friend is typing, “…” will be displayed in a text bubble by their name in the chat.
This feature is only available in 1-on-1 chats, and your friends need to be registered in a region that supports this feature and also be using LINE version 4.8.0 or higher.

The feature will be rolled out gradually to users of LINE version 4.8.0 or higher. Please be patient as we prepare to make it available on your smartphone soon. 

More Handy New Features: LINE Pay
LINE’s brand new payment service, LINE Pay, makes its debut with this update. Just add your credit card information to pay on ecommerce websites and apps effortlessly!
At the first stage of its release, LINE Pay will only support payments on LINE Store. Select LINE Pay when paying on LINE Store to open the LINE Pay service, then simply select a credit card to pay with to complete the purchase. If you are using LINE Store on your PC, LINE will launch on your smartphone.

LINE Pay Release Promotion on LINE Store
To celebrate LINE Pay’s release, users who charge their LINE Store Credit using LINE Pay will get up to a 25% bonus for a limited time only. See here for more details.

■Features for Safety and Security
LINE Pay uses a separate 7-character password from your LINE account. We also have a 24-hour monitoring system that detects suspicious account activity so as to ensure the safety and security of your account.

In future updates, LINE Pay will be supporting money transfers between LINE friends by linking up with internet banking services, and more merchants that accept the service will become available as well. Look forward to paying at your favorite café or boutique all from the comfort of the LINE app in the near future!

Other Updates
Pop-ups are now displayed when new messages or images cannot be received or downloaded due to low storage space.

LINE is open to all your comments and suggestions in order to make the service even better and more secure for all our users.