Keep is one of the latest features to join the LINE app, making an appearance in version 5.3.0. 

In addition to numerous comments from users saying how they've been permanently saving their favorite chats and messages or bookmarking articles to read later, we’ve also heard from some of you that are unsure about how to use this new feature or what exactly makes it so useful.


That’s why we’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Keep here in one place for your convenience!

If your question is not listed below, please check out the LINE help page for more information.

Q:92a00643What is Keep?
A:85f9b7faKeep serves as a personal storage space for text, images, and other content you want to save on LINE. In addition to chats, images, and voice messages received on LINE, this new feature also allows you to store memos, and for Android devices, photos already saved on your device.
Q:92a00643What are the benefits of using Keep?
Keep enables you to save and quickly bring up information without having to scroll through your chat history. This could include things such as the name of a hot new restaurant or shop mentioned in one of your LINE chats, or the URL of a link you simply want to check out later.

Additionally, you can save photos and voice messages without using up valuable storage space on your smartphone.
Q:92a00643How do most people use Keep?
A:85f9b7faNo two people use Keep exactly the same way, but everybody uses the feature to save some kind of information contained within their chats. Here are just some of things that it can be used to save:

- Memorable chats from that special someone
- Links to articles to read later
- The restaurant you just agreed to meet your significant other at on LINE
- The name of that store you were talking with your friend about
- That important document your boss just sent you
- The awesome idea you had this morning
- Those hilarious voice messages
...the possibilities are endless!
Okay, but tell me more!
Q:92a00643Can my LINE friends also see items that I’ve saved to Keep?
A:85f9b7faNo. Keep is your own private storage space. The content of your chats that you’ve saved with Keep will be kept private from the other chat participants.
Q:92a00643What types of data can be saved to Keep?
In addition to text, photos, video, voice messages, Word and Excel files, and other data received via LINE, you can also directly enter text memos or upload photos saved to your device. (We plan to eventually allow iPhone users to save photos to Keep from their Camera Roll.) 
Q:92a00643Do I lose my data in Keep if I change phones?
A:85f9b7faNo. If you follow the guidelines for properly transferring your LINE account to your new device, all of your saved data in Keep will be safely carried over as well.
Q:92a00643Does data that I save to Keep remain on LINE forever?
A:85f9b7faYes. Keep lets you store up to 1GB worth of content for as long as you want. However, files over 50MB can only be stored for 30 days.
Q:92a00643If I delete a chat on LINE, does the data saved to Keep also get deleted?
A:85f9b7faNo. Once data is saved to Keep, it will remain indefinitely unless you decide to delete it from Keep. However, note that files over 50MB are automatically deleted after 30 days, no matter what the status of their original chat is.
How to Use
Q:92a00643How can I save something to Keep?
A:85f9b7faIt couldn’t be simpler to save your data to Keep. 

Saving data received via LINE:
 Tap and hold the message or image you received on LINE that you want to save, and then select Keep.

Directly entering text or uploading photos from your device:
Open Keep from your LINE profile, or from More > LINE Apps and tap the + icon in the upper right corner of the screen. 

Q:92a00643Where can I see items that I’ve saved to Keep?
A:85f9b7faJust select Keep from your LINE profile or from More > LINE Apps.
Q:92a00643How can I share items saved in Keep with my friends?
Sending from chats:
Select the chat in which you want to share info with friends, tap the + icon in the bottom-left corner, and then select Keep. Pick what you'd like to share and then tap “Send” to send it to the people in the chat. It’s as simple as that!

Sending from Keep:
Select the "..." icon from the upper-right corner of the screen and select “Send to Chat” and then choose what you want to send.
Use Keep to quickly check your important data whenever and wherever you want!
Going forward, we plan on enabling compatibility across multiple devices, and perhaps even the ability to share your Keep storage with friends! We hope to see you get the most out of this exciting new feature!