Turn your memories into stickers. 

Starting today on October 6, sticker creation has gotten easier than ever. We've modified the creators' sticker guidelines to allow the sale of sticker sets as small as 8 stickers.

Previously, the required number of stickers was 40 for static stickers and 24 for animated stickers. Both sticker types can now be sold in sets as small as 8.

Not only that, but creators can now make stickers from photos. You no longer have to draw to be a creator. Just edit your favorite photos to create your own original stickers.
Changes to the Sticker Review Guidelines (October 6, 2016)
・ Creators can now select the number of stickers in their sets, starting from 8 stickers.
・ Creators can now use photos in their stickers.
 Note: The minimum sales price is still fixed at JPY 120.
Create stickers from shared memories with friends and loved ones for the perfect gift. 

Now's the time to try your hand at sticker creation!
Using Creators Market
Sticker Creation Guidelines (Updated October 6)

Let's go over some of the changes for experienced creators.

Number of stickers in a set can be selected from a minimum of 8.

Previously, the required number of stickers was fixed at 40 for static stickers and 24 for animated stickers. However, creators can now configure their sets to have as few as 8 stickers.

Creators can choose from the following number of stickers for each set.
Sticker size options per set
Static: 8, 16, 24, 32, 40
Animated: 8, 16, 24
Setting your number of stickers
Select your number of stickers from the Manage Stickers page. (The default setting is 8.)
Use the "No. of Stickers per Set" drop-down list to change the size of your sticker set. You can change this number as many times as you want before submitting your stickers.

Note: You cannot change the number of stickers once they are under review or go on sale.

Creators can now use photos in their stickers.

Although the use of photographs in stickers was previously prohibited in the Review Guidelines, starting today, creators are now free to create photo stickers.

You can now create stickers from selfies and photos with friends and family. Try creating stickers from shots of your favorite foods and landscapes!

Together with the introduction of photo stickers, section 1.3 of the Sticker Review Guidelines, "1.3. Images that are anything other than illustrations, such as photographs," has been removed.

Submitting photo stickers

We added an "Includes Photos" check box to the New Submission form. Be sure to check this box if your stickers include any photographic elements. Note: Your stickers may be rejected if you forget to check this box!

Also, the Theme Review Guidelines for creators' themes has not been changed. If you use photos as part of your themes, you may be required to provide documentation supporting your right to use them.

We look forward to seeing new and creative uses for photo stickers in enhancing communication. Stay tuned for more news and tips on stickers in the future. Until next time!