Here’s a new feature that we think a lot of people are going to find very helpful — it’s called “Reply” and it allows you to quote messages and answer them directly during a chat.


Sometimes when you’re chatting, it’s easy to lose track of what message exactly someone is responding to. Like when you’re trying to answer a friend’s question, but just as you send your answer, your friend asks a second question.  

With Reply, you can quote the exact message you’re responding to, so your meaning is always clear.

Easy to use
It’s a snap using Reply. Just tap and hold the message you want to reply to. When the option menu pops up, select Reply, then you can write and send your message. 

You can use Reply with many types of messages, including texts, photos, videos, stickers and emoji.


The message does not need to be from another person, either. You can reply to your own messages.

Just make sure you’ve upgraded to the latest version of the LINE chat app (at least iOS ver. 8.7.0, Android ver. 8.10.0, or desktop ver. 5.8.0), and you’ll be good to go!