LINE has changed the process of how you transfer a LINE account to a new device so now the process can be done more safely. The new transfer process begins with LINE version 9.2.0 — and while the old transfer process will continue to work with previous versions of LINE for now, soon the new version will be standard for all, so you need to be aware of the change.


What’s new 
  • Password registration is now mandatory for new registrations.
  • When you enter the necessary information onto your device, we will give you a message to let you know you can transfer your account.

A step-by-step walkthrough
As with the previous transfer process for smartphones, you need to get ready by taking a few steps ahead of time. 

1. Set your account information
Confirm your account’s phone number, email address, and password. (If you have not set them yet, you need to do this first).



2. Turn on "Allow account transfer" button
For "Change phone number", please turn on "Allow account transfer" on your old smartphone. After turning this setting on, you need to make the transfer to a new smartphone within 36 hours. (*If you exceed this time limit, you will need to turn on the "Allow account transfer" button on the old smartphone a second time.)

About the new transfer process
There are three possible options the new transfer process can follow:
1. If your phone number changes
2. If your phone number does not change
3. If you did not set a password

*In order to confirm that you are the proper owner of an account, you need to ensure all the necessary data is entered before the transfer. 

In addition, with the new transfer process for LINE accounts, you cannot carry over your chat history. Instead, you will need to backup your chat history separately.

(Note: Transferring your chat history is possible only when your new device uses the same OS as your old device).

For additional help
Please visit LINE Help Page for answers to most problems with transferring accounts.