We are excited to introduce you to a new feature called “LINE Meeting.” 


LINE Meeting is an important step forward for group video calls, enabling you to access them through a URL, both via smartphone and desktop, in groups of up to 500 people. You can create meetings from a LINE chat room and then invite attendees to join, whether through a chat room or by sending them a URL. 

How to use LINE Meeting 

1) First, tap the camcorder icon in the upper right of a LINE chat room. Then tap “Create meeting” to start a meeting room. 

2) LINE offers an array of practical and unique backgrounds, filters and face effects for LINE Group Call, so feel free to fine tune your look before join a meeting.


3) You may invite more people to join by tapping the first icon in the bottom left. 


4) While you are using LINE Meeting call, do not hesitate to convert the meeting screen to Picture-In-Picture (PIP). This allows you to keep the meeting on in a floating window while you keep an eye on your LINE chat rooms. 


Protecting your chats with “kick out”

LINE is dedicated to providing a safe user experience throughout our ecosystem of products and services, and LINE Meeting is no exception. To protect you, LINE Meeting URLs are complex and 32 characters long, ensuring that the only people who can join your conversations are those who know the URL and are supposed to be there. In addition, if an uninvited guest does manage to join, there is a feature called “kick out,” which enables you to get rid of them — just tap “Remove” to easily protect your chat. 


Like many other LINE features, LINE Meeting is free! And it’s the ideal choice for both personal and business purposes. 

LINE Meeting is available for LINE, on smartphone versions 10.13.0 or later and LINE desktop versions 6.2.0 or later. So update your LINE to enjoy the new feature!