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LINE DECO, an app that allows users to customize their smartphone screens, has achieved a total of 100 million item downloads* only 23 days after its release on April 22. Thank you!

We will be extending the free items promotion that was scheduled to end in April till late May to express our gratitude.

A new Gallery feature has been added to the latest version of LINE DECO. Browse through pictures of other users’ Home screens and get some inspiration for your own!

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The day creators around the world have been waiting for has finally arrived!

LINE Creators Market, the new sticker market where any LINE user can sell their own original stickers, is now taking sticker submissions! Sticker sales are planned to start in May.

About the Creators Market
LINE Creators Market is a service designed to let anyone create, submit, and sell their own stickers for use in LINE chats. See here for more information on the process that runs from registration to sticker sales. Reviews of sticker submissions start today on a first-come, first-served basis. Sales of stickers that pass the review are scheduled to begin in May. 

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An iPhone version of the Sticon fucntion has was released on 1st May.

The new Android version of LINE (ver. 4.2.0) was released today. Along with improvements to basic functions, we are proud to announce “Sticons”, a new and exciting way to use emoticons. 
An iPhone version of the Sticon function is planned for future release. 

Sticons can be used in text messages in the same way as emoticons, but they can also be used like stickers as large, individual images. 

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La noche del martes 1 de abril, un terremoto de magnitud 8,2 sacudió las costas del norte de Chile ocasionando graves daños. Lamentamos profundamente las pérdidas ocasionadas y desde LINE nos gustaría poder ayudar en la medida de lo posible.
02Por ello, para poder confirmar el estado de las personas que se encuentran en Chile y facilitar las labores de ayuda oportunas, las llamadas con LINE Call tanto a teléfonos fijos como a teléfonos móviles pasan a ser gratis durante una semana. Los usuarios de los países donde el servicio está disponible no tendrán que preocuparse por el precio de las llamadas.

Esta medida está pensada para las llamadas usando LINE Call desde los países donde el servicio está disponible a los teléfonos fijos y móviles de Chile.

Las llamadas entre los usuarios de LINE siguen siendo gratis como siempre.

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A massive 8.2 magnitude earthquake hit the northern region of Chile in South America on April 1, causing untold damage to the area. We send our thoughts and prayers to all families and individuals affected by this incident, and hope for a fast and speedy recovery.

02In order to enable LINE users to check on the safety of their relative and loved ones in Chile and aid in disaster relief efforts, we will be making all calls made to landlines and cellular phones in Chile through our service LINE Call free of charge for one week. Users in countries where the service is offered will not have to worry about telephone fees or charges.

This applies for calls made through LINE Call from all countries where the service can be used to all landlines or cellular phones in Chile. Calls between LINE users will remain free of charge.

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LINE’s global registered users hit the 400 million mark on April 1st, 2014*.
We’d like to thank all of our users for helping us achieve this! As a token of our appreciation, some family apps will be holding events to commemorate this very special occasion. Read on to find out more.

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