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LINE version 5.0.0 was released today on Android, and brings with it the option to share Timeline posts publically. When you share or like posts that are set to public, you can also share them with your friends on your Timeline!
*iPhone version has been released too. (24th February) 

We’ve also adopted a stylish circular profile icon and improved the design of the Android version, bringing an update that will make using LINE an even more enjoyable experience.

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There’s a new way to communicate in the same way you’ve been using LINE that’ll let you talk even to people that aren’t your friends! LINE@, a new extension of LINE, was just released!

LINE@ is a service that allows you to communicate and share information outside of your close social network. Anyone can use it, including individuals, groups, and businesses. Use it to communicate with your customers, business connections, fans, and more!

Messages sent through the LINE@ app will be delivered to your LINE and LINE@ friends. Use 1-on-1 chats as well as send chats to all your friends at once. 

Take a look at these examples for all kinds of ideas!

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LINE@ in finally here, bringing a new option for communication that can be used by individuals, groups, and businesses.

This blog will introduce some tips and tricks to make your LINE@ experience as pleasant as possible. Download and register for LINE@ by going here.

3 Main Features
L1-on-1 chats
LPosting to Home

Using LINE@ Effectively
LManage with multiple people
LIncreasing friend counts
LCheck statistical data
LHow to effectively start 1-on-1 chats

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LINE was selected as one of the most innovative companies in social media in American business magazine Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies 2015! We also came in 14th in the general category, following major brands like Apple, Google, and Instagram.

This ranking is announced by Fast Company yearly in order to commend the most innovative companies that year, and attracts great attention due to Fast Company’s creditability as a business media outlet.



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The 8th Annual Crunchies Awards was held this year on February 6 in San Francisco, California. Organized yearly by IT news media outlets Tech Crunch and VentureBeat, the Crunchies Awards congratulate the startups that achieved the most buzz that year and praise the latest IT innovations.

Many promising services that have gone on to become international successes have received Crunchies Awards, such as Facebook and Twitter.

LINE is proud to be selected as the winner of the Best International Startup at this prestigious ceremony.

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