The latest update for LINE (version 7.10.0) is out now.
This time we're adding a lot more fun to your chat experience. Search for YouTube videos in LINE and share them with friends right in chats, comment on LINE LIVE broadcasts, and much more!

(You will be taken to the relevant app store.)

Watch and share YouTube videos in your chats

We've added a new YouTube chat app to the "+" menu so you can search for videos and share them in your chats.

1. Open the "+" menu and tap the YouTube icon to start up the YouTube chat app.

2. Tap the "Send to chat" button to easily share what you're watching in the chat.

Other updates

1. Comment on LINE LIVE broadcasts in your chats

You can now make comments and send hearts for LINE LIVE broadcasts you watch inside your chats. There are more new features to enjoy while you watch broadcasts, such as sharing broadcasts with friends and exchanging messages with fellow viewers.

2. New brush type for photo editing pen tool

There's a new brush in town now—use it to add a cool neon accent to your photos before you send them out.

3. Improved YouTube video link in chats (Android) 

This feature was previously released on iPhone and is now also available on Android. When a YouTube URL is sent in chats, a special YouTube preview will be shown. Tap the preview to start watching the YouTube video right away.

We'll keep doing everything we can to provide you with the most convenient and secure LINE experience possible. We especially love hearing suggestions from you!