We announced that it will be entering into a business alliance with Soompi, the world’s largest Korean pop culture portal.

Soompi was founded in the United States in 1998, and now has fans in over 160 countries. It is the longest-running and most active K-pop portal and community website on the internet, and has been offering entertainment contents concerning Korean artistes to a worldwide audience through collaboration with Korean entertainment agencies since 2011.

Through this business alliance, Soompi will set up official accounts on LINE in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, and French, and offer a wide range of entertainment contents, including but not limited to news about Korean artists, to a total of 19 countries.
  • English - Indonesia, India, Malaysia, U.S, Hong Kong, Philippines, U.K, Singapor
  • Spanish - Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Peru 
  • Porutugues - Brazil, Portugal
  • Thai - Thailand
  • French - France
We intends to strengthen its cooperation with Soompi by acting as an official supporter of the Soompi Awards 2013, to be held on December 24, and providing a means of communication between the operators and fans during the event.

This business alliance will add Soompi’s large database of entertainment contents to LINE’s 96 Korean artist-related official accounts, further enriching LINE’s services. Soompi can also anticipate smoother communication with its users through the use of LINE.