The brand new LINE GAME, LINE Touch Monsters, is out for all to enjoy! Traverse a stunning 3D world to collect and raise over 200 different characters and monsters in this exciting action RPG.

Game Basics
Use the Auto Battle to Play With a Single Tap!
LINE Touch Monsters has a unique Auto Play feature that takes the reigns for you and automatically plays out battles. All you have to do is tap the screen to use your special skills. Let the AI take care of moving and basic attacks, and use your skills wisely to mow the monsters down! Each stage takes around 1 minute to clear, so even the busiest bees can make serious progress.
Over 200 types of characters and monsters!
Over 200 unique characters and monsters are just waiting for you to scoop them up. Buy them with the rewards you get for clearing each stage or use Rubies to build up your collection.
Time for Some Basic Game Strategy
Clear the first stage to get the White Wolf
Now that you know the basics of the game, it’s time to teach you how to beat the stages. Beat Area 1 and you’ll get a 3 Star Rare monster called White Wolf. Here’s a short walkthrough on how to do it!

1. Make the strongest team ever by choosing 3 characters or monsters.
Go adventuring with your characters and monsters to gain experience points and level them up, perform enhancements, or buy items to make them more powerful.

Take the three strongest monsters or characters you’ve collected, power them up, and take them out to battle.

2. Get your friends to help you during the tough stages.
You can use both in-game friends you’ve made and your LINE friends. Players can borrow each other’s monsters, so the more friends you have the more help you can get!

3. How to get past the tough parts.
Tip #1 – Level up your characters and monsters!
Even if you’ve cleared a stage once, you can play it over again to get more experience points and level up!

Tip #2 – Try changing the characters’ order!
Each character and monster has their own special skills. Try changing the order of your team, and you just might have an easier time clearing the stage!

Tip #3 – Turn off Auto Battle and tread carefully.
Your characters’ HP will restore gradually as time passes. If a map is proving difficult, try turning off Auto Battle and waiting for your HP to restore before moving forward. 

Clear all 15 stages in Area 1 and you’ll get the lightning fast attacker, White Wolf. Use these tips to help you get this powerful ally.

There’s a lot of information in this article about the Adventure Mode, where you clear stages to topple the fearsome boss at the end, but there’s also another mode that pits you against endless waves of dangerous monsters called Unlimited Battle. Challenge this mode to get more monsters and earn a top place in the rankings to get Rubies!

Are you excited yet? Anyone can have fun cutting through hordes of monsters in this exciting new game! 
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