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We have been aware of the annoying issue where iPhone5 users and those using iOS6 have been repeatedly asked to enter their Apple ID and password every time they start LINE. We do apologize for the problem.

We are still trying to get to the bottom of the issue. In the mean time, you can get rid of the problem by following the steps below. 

■Enter the [Stickers] menu and [Restore Sticker Purchases]
1. Start LINE and tap [More] > [Settings]

2. Tap [Stickers]

3. Tap [Purchase History]

4. Scroll to the bottom and tap [Restore Sticker Purchases]

5. Enter your Apple ID password


Once you have carried out the above steps, you should no longer be prompted to enter your Apple ID details.

However, we are aware of cases where you may be asked to enter your Apple ID details once again after starting LINE. If you are prompted to do so, please don’t panic! After entering your Apple ID once more, you will no longer need to do so in the future.

If by any chance, the problem still hasn’t been sorted out after trying the above, please try signing out and then back in with your Apple ID as follows.

■If the steps above do not fix the problem:
1. Sign out of your Apple ID
1-1. Open your iPhone [Settings] and go into [iTunes Store/App Store]

1-2. Tap your own Apple ID [Apple ID: XXXXX (Your ID) XXXXXXX]

1-3. Tap [Sign Out]

2. Start LINE without logging into your Apple ID
3. Try the steps above (Restoring Sticker Purchases from the Stickers menu) 
4. Enter your Apple ID and password again

After doing this, the problem should be fixed and you should no longer be asked to enter your Apple ID.

We’re sorry if you have been affected by this problem. 
Of course, we will keep working on removing bugs as well as improving our existing functions, so please continue to enjoy LINE and keep your chats fresh, fun and friendly!

A big HELLO to all our BlackBerry fans!

We have some great news!
LINE is now available for BlackBerry! Oh Yes!

You can download it from this URL:

The BlackBerry version of LINE has been specially adapted to suit our chat messaging feature! Even with the wide BlackBerry screen, you can chat smoothly and effortlessly in real-time with all your LINE friends! You can even use the stickers too!

We’re always looking to make LINE available on a wide range of handsets and devices. In addition to this BlackBerry version, LINE is already available on iPhone, Android, and Windows Phones. You can also use your LINE account from the PC version for extra convenience!

So keep in touch with all your loved ones, wherever they may be in the world with LINE! 
It’s YOUR communication app! 

Additional info about the BlackBerry version of LINE:
- Currently only the chat-messaging feature is available. Additional features such as voice calls and Home/Timeline are not available. (sorry friends)
- BlackBerry version does not support the sending of audio messages, videos, emoji, kaomoji, and location info within the chat feature. (sorry again)
- The original 4 sticker sets are available to be used! Other types of stickers can only be received as the Sticker Shop is not catered for the BlackBerry version. (please forgive us)

“LINE Brush” is a fantastic drawing app which lets you express your creative side! Once you’ve finished, send your masterpieces to friends via LINE.

This is the 4th in our series of official LINE related apps and of course, it’s free! It is currently available on iPhone and iPad and we are readying the Android version.

LINE Brush is simple to use! Just take your finger and start drawing on your smartphone screen. You can draw on top on photos, as well as using oil and water colors to set the tone of your pictures.

For example, you can show off your beautiful handwriting to friends, sign your photos, add arrows and circles to draw attention to certain parts of the picture and just express yourself!

How to use LINE Brush:

1.After starting up the app, you will see a white canvas. 
You can start drawing on the white canvas like a true artist or take a photo/open a photo from the Camera Roll, by tapping Photo.
2.Next tap the Brush icon at the bottom and select your brush.
There are a whole variety of different pencils, pens, brushes, felt-tip pens, water-colors and jagged pattern effects to draw with. (over 27 to choose from)

3. Chosen your brush? Now it’s time to choose the color! Tap the color palette and choose the best one for you!  

4. Make fine adjustments to the color tone and size of the brush you are using.  

Photo Brush for Breath-Taking Effects! 

The Photo Brush feature allows you to process any of your photos into artistic drawings as shown below. Choose water-color effects and crayons to add another dimension to your favorite photos! 
b52c4d40.jpg  42cd5e9a.jpg  bf5fe6a1.jpg

Feeling like adding an extra sparkle to your LINE chats? Then create something on LINE Brush and impress all your LINE friends!

Let out the child in you! Go wild with LINE Brush! 

Don’t get too addicted! You have been warned!
We’ve just released “LINE Birzzle” – this is our third installment of official LINE related apps in addition to “LINE camera” and “LINE Card”.

 LINE Birzzle

Simple yet highly addictive, this popular action-puzzle game has been specially developed for LINE. All you have to do is get 3 or more of the same colored birds in a row!

How to play!
1. Select your mode.              
2. Tap & drag the birds to make the rows disappear  
3. Progress through the levels

If you enjoy the free version, why not get the paid version for more gaming modes!
■ Free Version - LINE Birzzle
・Game Modes
Crash Mode: A basic mode where you have to make a certain number of blocks disappear
Endless Mode: How good are you? This mode let’s you play until it’s game over
・Download from: AppStore and Google Play

 ■ Paid Version - LINE Birzzle Plus  
・Game Contents
Crash Mode: same as above
Endless Mode: same as above
Ghost Mode: Aim to set a high score within the time limit
Also includes 5000 coins: Use them within the LINE Birzzle game
Unlimited Feathers: Use this for the non-stop action in endless mode
・Download from: AppStore and Google Play

Compare high scores with friends! Have fun!!

Attention Windows Phone users! 

Exciting News!
We’ve released the Windows Phone version of LINE! Woohoo!

You can download it from here.


It’s great to use this version. – LINE has been specially developed to suit the unique user interface of Windows Phones (Metro UI). 
The menus are simple, easy and intuitive: simply slide your finger across the screen and let the fun begin! 

It’s supported in English, Chinese (traditional/simplified), Japanese, and Korean. At the moment, only the chat-messaging feature is available but we are readying the voice calls feature.

With the release of this Windows Phone version, LINE is now available on iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry! You can also use your LINE account from the PC version for extra convenience! 

We’re not going to stop here though! We will continue to increase the compatibility of LINE with all sorts of handsets and devices so that you can always communicate with your friends and family, no matter which device they are using!

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