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One of the most popular features for the LINE chat is our seasonal background animations, appearing several times a year to usher in people’s favorite seasons — and regularly becoming the talk of social media in the process.

And, now, you can create your own animations for your chats, with Effect Stickers. Recently released, Effect Stickers let you put all kinds of animated content into your chat backgrounds, making your chats livelier and more fun.

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sticker effect new

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Sticker effect preview

You may also watch GIF video here.

※Note on effect stickers (as of July 16, 2020)
- Effect stickers require LINE app version 10.11.0 or above on iOS or Android.
- Effect stickers appear as pop-up stickers on the desktop version of LINE or on iOS/Android versions of LINE older than 10.11.0.
- Effect stickers appear as static stickers or pop-up stickers when used outside of chats.
- Animations play in the foreground in previews, but will play in the background when sent in chats.


Why don’t you send one and see your backgrounds come alive? These animations are vibrant, but without getting in the way, so your message always shines through. They’re a great way to help you express yourself better than ever.  

Check out our first wave of Effect Stickers here!

Install the official LINE family app LINE camera and get a limited edition set of stickers to use in your LINE chats.

LINE camera lets you easily edit your photos and post them on a variety of social networking services, including LINE. Use stylish filters, a wide collection of cute stamps and frames, and easy-to-use text and brush tools to make your pictures pop. A recent update added the Beauty feature, which lets you transform even the least flattering photos into something out of a photo shoot.

Just look at how much better the photo below becomes! 

The limited edition stickers feature all of your favorite LINE characters showing their sensitive sides.
 LINE camera Love & Beauty (8 stickers)

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A new Missions feature has been added to LINE JELLY! Complete them to get original stickers featuring Moon and the Boss!
New features and items have also been released to help you complete the missions more easily!

■Complete missions to get stickers!
In the new Missions feature, you can get 20 Rubies just by completing 3 missions! Plus, if you complete all 6 of them, you’ll be entitled to download a set of limited edition stickers featuring Moon and the Boss!
Event period: From July 12 (Fri) to July 25 (Thu)(GMT+9) 

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*Don’t worry iPhone users! They will be available to you soon! (22nd Oct)

Up until now, we’ve released a whole range of stickers featuring exciting characters at our Sticker Shop but we know you have all been waiting for these! 

After receiving many requests from our users from all over the world, we’ve finally made this happen with our good friends at Disney!

Mickey Mouse will be featured in our first set. Our designers teamed up with Disney and thought long and hard about what sort of expressions will be useful to you in your LINE chats. The result is an all original design featuring over 40 stickers!

At the moment the stickers are available in Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and Brunei.


Of course, you will be able to find Mickey’s happy smiles, but also stickers of him studying, being in love and much more! They’ll be one to suit every occasion and as a bonus, Mini Mouse will be joining Mickey in some of the stickers too!

After Mickey Mouse, stickers featuring other Disney characters including Mini Mouse and Winne the Pooh will be released (YEY !), and there are also plans to create seasonal versions of Disney stickers especially for Christmas, New Years Festivals, and other yearly events. 

We will keep you posted !

Wow! Just when you thought you had them all! We have just released another 7 sticker  sets at the LINE Sticker Shop. 

This time, LINE’s first ever official account holder, Becky, has produced some of her own original characters! Also, for all you Japanese anime fans - don’t miss Ojarumaru with his beady eyes!

Becky’s Original Stickers
Singer and all-round talented artist Becky has joined the Sticker Shop craze to produce 16 of her very own stickers. The characters, Bekiko and rabbit Bekio are here to bring you some well-deserved happiness through your LINE chats.

Becky says, “I thought a lot about the colors and expressions of the characters when I created these stickers. I especially like the sparkling Bekiko (top row, second from the left)! I hope everyone can enjoy using Bekiko and Bekio in their chats with their closest friends.”

So use Becky’s original stickers and put a smile on the faces of those you love, just like Becky is in this picture! 

Other New Arrivals

Ojarumaru: He stars in NHK’s TV programs for kids. Before you know it, you’ll be grinning no matter how old you are. 
Nameko’s Harvest Festival: Mushroom-man is back, it’s autumn time and he’s hunting for those mushrooms! (Not sold in Korea)
Wish me mell: Sanrio have come up with another winner! This time it’s Mell and friends to decorate your chat-room wall! 
Poo-taro & Happy Rabbit: Poo-taro and Happy Rabbit take up special poses for their appearance on LINE. 
Mary & Jack: These American style comic stickers are a welcome addition for those looking for something different. 
Moon: Mad Angry Edition: In this version you’ll see the other side of Moon. Warning: He might scare you!

We hope you like our new edition of stickers! 
There’ll be even more coming your way so keep checking this blog and of course, our sticker shop!

Enjoy your autumn chats with LINE.

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