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LINE Corporation's average monthly active recipients of the following services in the EU for the months specified below were as follows:

Service name

The average monthly active recipients of the service in the EU for the months specified below

LINE Official Account

1,938 (August 2022 to January 2023)


258,263 (November 2022 to January 2023)


3,416 (August 2022 to January 2023)

Gold Rush Heroes PvP Match 3

116 (August 2022 to January 2023)


12 (December 2022 to January 2023)

This information is prepared having regard to the Digital Services Act and the most accurate information available to LINE Corporation on the date of publication.
This information may be revised if more accurate information becomes available.

We have discovered a technical issue that began on April 29 around 11am JST, which is affecting the functionality of some LINE family services.

We are still investigating the issue and will let users know once it has been resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.


UPDATE: As of April 30 at 1am JST, the technical issue has been resolved and the affected LINE services are back to normal. Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your support.


In order to ensure your safety and the security of the LINE platform, LINE is changing how new accounts are created. Starting in the first week of April, users will no longer be able to create new LINE accounts using Facebook account. 

With this coming change, LINE would like to emphasize the importance of properly registering your personal information for your account. This is particularly important for account migration, like when moving to a new phone. Because you can no longer sign up using Facebook, you’ll need to use your personal data when migrating devices, so it is essential that you fully enter this information.

If you use LINE from an Android device
1. Install the LINE app and open the app on your new device.
2. Choose your preferred log-in method 
3. Always keep your personal information updated  


If you use LINE from an iOS device
1. Install the LINE app and open the app on your new device.
2. Choose your preferred log-in method 
3. Always keep your personal information updated 


Apple ID login now available for iOS users! 
You might have noticed from above images, LINE now supports Apple ID. If you use LINE messenger from an iOS device, you may able to log in to LINE using your Apple ID. 

Important Note! If you currently log in with a new phone number or using your Facebook ID, you will need your old device to receive a verification code. So, don’t throw away your old phone before you get the verification code! 

If you have any questions about what’s needed, please check out the LINE Help page:

Thank you for your continued support of LINE.

As part of LINE's mission to help out in your daily life, we've worked hard to expand our services.

Along with these  expanded services, we've conducted educational outreach and updated our features to help protect our younger users. To continue making sure our younger users have a safe LINE experience, we've increased the recommended age rating of LINE to 12+ to help parents and guardians manage when and how their family members use LINE.

The age rating for the iOS (iPhone) version of LINE will be raised to 12+ in December 2019*1.

With the increased age rating, you can now restrict LINE usage on your children's devices by setting them to only allow apps with a 4+ or 9+ age rating.

This change has no impact to the Android version of LINE or LINE Desktop.


Changing age ratings of allowed apps (iOS)

Once the recommended age rating is increased to 12+, the LINE app icon will be hidden and won't open on any devices set to only allow apps with a 4+ or 9+ age rating.*2

If the restriction settings on your child's device are passcode-protected, you'll need your Screen Time or Restrictions passcode to make any changes. If your child or family member requests a change, please enter this code yourself each time.

• iOS 12 and later devices
To allow access to LINE, change the age restrictions by going to Settings > Screen Time > "Content & Privacy Restrictions" > Content Restrictions > (Enter Screen Time Passcode) > Apps. Select 12+, 17+, or "Allow All Apps."

• iOS 11 or older devices
To allow access to LINE, change the age restrictions by going to Settings > General > Restrictions > (Enter Restrictions Passcode) > Apps. Make sure 12+ is checked.

Feel free to use the form below to contact us with any questions about this change.

LINE is dedicated to providing a safe LINE experience for younger users and will continue to work hard on more features and outreach going forward.

LINE CSR activities:

*1 The scheduled date may change. We'll send out a separate announcement once the age rating has been updated.

*2 If your apps are set to automatically update, the LINE app icon will disappear from your device's home screen once LINE increases its recommended age rating (scheduled for December 2019). To keep using LINE, make sure to change which age ratings are allowed on your device before LINE's recommended age rating is increased.

Being able to migrate accounts is a vital capability for most users, so they can preserve their data and continue to use their account smoothly after changing devices. 

However, since November 5, account migration will no longer be supported for LINE app versions 9.1.0 or lower. Therefore, if you are using LINE version 9.1.0 or lower, please update to the latest version immediately.

Go to to update your LINE. 

(Note: For information on how to perform an account migration for a LINE version higher than 9.2.0, please refer to

How to check your LINE version

Blog 1

Blog 2
Blog 3

The gear icon on the home tab > About LINE > Current version 

How to update to the latest version
Either click the link or scan the QR code below to update your version of LINE.  

 QR code

The following OS versions do not support LINE version 9.1.0 or lower. Users with these OS versions will not be able to create an account with LINE or perform an account transfer. 
・iOS 10 or lower 
・Android 4.4 or lower 

If you delete a LINE account or uninstall LINE app on a mobile device with these OS versions installed, you will not be able to use LINE again. Please note that you will not be able to retrieve LINE once you delete a LINE account or uninstall the LINE app from devices with those OS versions.  

How to check your OS version

1) iOS

Settings > General > About > Software version

2) Android 

Settings> Device information> Software version

When you replace your old device with a new one, as long as the new device has an OS version (iOS 10 or higher or Android 5.0 or higher) that supports the latest LINE version, you will be able to perform an account transfer and keep your data intact. 

※ In order to transfer a LINE account from an old device, set up your device to enable it. Find out how here:

We announced that it will be entering into a business alliance with Soompi, the world’s largest Korean pop culture portal.

Soompi was founded in the United States in 1998, and now has fans in over 160 countries. It is the longest-running and most active K-pop portal and community website on the internet, and has been offering entertainment contents concerning Korean artistes to a worldwide audience through collaboration with Korean entertainment agencies since 2011.

Through this business alliance, Soompi will set up official accounts on LINE in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, and French, and offer a wide range of entertainment contents, including but not limited to news about Korean artists, to a total of 19 countries.
  • English - Indonesia, India, Malaysia, U.S, Hong Kong, Philippines, U.K, Singapor
  • Spanish - Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Peru 
  • Porutugues - Brazil, Portugal
  • Thai - Thailand
  • French - France
We intends to strengthen its cooperation with Soompi by acting as an official supporter of the Soompi Awards 2013, to be held on December 24, and providing a means of communication between the operators and fans during the event.

This business alliance will add Soompi’s large database of entertainment contents to LINE’s 96 Korean artist-related official accounts, further enriching LINE’s services. Soompi can also anticipate smoother communication with its users through the use of LINE.

*We have corrected a misused expression in the note regarding the total number of registered users which may have caused misunderstanding among some readers. (14.30pm, July 24, 2013, GMT+9)

LINE has achieved a new record of 200 million registered users* worldwide on Saturday, July 21!

Since its launch in June 2011, LINE has grown to become a service enjoyed by users all over the world, reaching out from Japan to as far as Taiwan, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries, the Middle East, Spain, India, and South America. We here at LINE would like to express our sincere gratitude to all you 200 million users for your support. Thank you for using LINE!

*All registered user numbers are for iPhone/Android/Windows Phone/BlackBerry/Nokia Asha/feature phone apps combined.
*Each LINE account can only be used on one device. The combined number of registered users refers to the total number of accounts created on LINE for all devices.


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It’s already been two years since the birth of LINE, and the service has grown into one loved by hundreds of millions of users worldwide. This is all thanks to YOUR support, and we here at LINE would like to express our sincere gratitude. Thank you!
Last summer, we held an event named Hello, Friends in Tokyo 2012 to share LINE’s achievements in its first year, and its aims and targets for the next. This summer, we are holding a second event on August 21 for everyone involved with LINE, and it will be named Hello, Friends in Tokyo 2013!

At this event, we will be looking back at LINE’s second year, and share where LINE will be heading in the future. Live streaming will be available in English and Japanese at the special event website. Tune in to be a part of the event, no matter where you are!

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